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Family and Estate

Chambers has considerable experience in handling cases in this ever expanding area whether it relates to divorce and matrimonial causes, adoption and child custody and maintenance or to issues arising upon intestacy as well as post probate matters. Aside these core areas of practice the set is able to take instructions on other areas upon request.

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Real Property

Chambers is equipped with the required skills to surmount the pluralist real estate law regime in Ghana. Ghana immovable property law combines aspects of customary law and English common law variations. This sometimes creates situations where acquisition of real property and the definition of rights held may appear murky. For either commercial property of personal property, Chambers is well equipped to advise clients on transactions in real estate acquisition and also provides dispute resolution services where necessary.

Employment Health and Safety

Chambers has provided services in unfair and wrongful dismissal, discrimination, restraint of trade contracts, workmen’s compensation, and trade union law. Chambers also is able to advice on internal human resource administration issues, including the drafting of employment agreements, preparation of employee training manuals, health and safety at work consultation, with particular relevance to the nature and business of the client. In this area the experience of the Chambers has been on behalf of both employers and employees.

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Commercial and Corporate

Chambers has a substantial amount of experience in commercial litigation and has thus acquired excellent experience in the enforcement and defence of contractual rights and obligations. Besides, Chambers is well equipped with the resources to undertake the promotion of companies and capably handles issues arising between shareholders and the company as well as between the company and the various corporate regulatory agencies in Ghana.

Banking and Finance

The experience of the set in this area has been mainly focused on litigation and dispute resolution, primarily between Bank and Customer. Clients in this area have mainly been both customers of, and financial institutions. Chambers however also advices on transactional issues especially concerning all forms of lending, project finance, and international trade payment problems.

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